Intuitive guidance sessions are the space where you can freely discuss any issue related to your love life, dating life, social life, spiritual path, self-love, creativity, or passion purpose, and Arden will listen to the details and provide you with overall perspective as well as guidance on your next steps. Arden draws from all her modalities in these sessions, and specific NLP, TLT, and hypnosis can be requested, but most often Arden and her clients find that her in-depth analysis, soul-level detective work, paired with an action plan of the next steps to take is the most effective means of achieving clarity and direction.

Intuitive Guidance Sessions (1hr minimum):

Unlimited Text Guidance:

Please allow up to 24hrs for a response, although you are free to text at any time. Best times to text are weekdays between 12-6pm PT but again Arden will do her best to accommodate you.

Tarot/Oracle Readings:

Arden uses several tarot and oracle decks with which she has developed a relationship and language to intuit what is in store for you regarding your specific questions or general outlook. She specializes in chakra oracle readings, a modality she created combining reiki meridian scanning with oracle cards pulled for each chakra to give clients a comprehensive look at the energies they’re holding in all facets of their lives (please book 60min if that is your request).

Millennial Scholarship Package:

The millennial scholarship package is available to those born 1982 or later, who wish to work with Arden but are stifled by the current economy. To book this session you must first email Arden a written statement explaining your current financial situation, your passion work in the world, and why you feel you need budget-friendly help. If selected, you will receive the following session along with an opportunity to discuss sliding scale coaching.

Includes: 30min guidance + 3-card reading + email follow-up = $50

Hypnosis, NLP, and Timeline Therapy:

These modalities can be specifically requested once an intuitive guidance session has been booked.


Currently practicing distance reiki on a pay-what-you-can basis in exchange for feedback

Home aesthetics:

Arden specializes in creating spaces that feel like home to you on a soul level, that employ aesthetics designed to bring out the parts of you that you most powerfully wish to convey to those who enter and that serve both your peace and power while you’re at rest. Her services in this area can range from creating an online vision board based on your ideas to personal shopping for items to helping you arrange your space itself. Please contact her so she can create a custom package based on your needs.