Arden and the Wolves is the musical project of Arden Leigh – a melody-driven indie rock band born in the divey underground arts world of downtown New York City and raised in the darkwave music and occult scenes of LA. Arden formed the band back in New York when she decided that the musicians she was dating shouldn’t get to have all the fun by themselves, and reconstructed it upon moving to Los Angeles where she decided to pursue music sincerely.

As an artist and writer, Arden’s soul mission in the world is to create work that heals, educates, and comforts the collective, and Arden and the Wolves is where she allows those messages to flow through music. “In the end,” she writes, “you are the gift. The difference is the medium, not the message. What people are inspired by is someone who is staying true to their heart and expressing themselves authentically, and you can do that in any form.”

Her latest release, the 5-song EP Who Can You Trust, details the narrative of her journey healing from trauma and teaching herself discernment, resensitization, and emotional self-mastery. As a practitioner of spellcraft, she is aware that songs can function as intentional pieces of narrative magick that alter the reality of the world they influence, and she has been surprised beyond belief to see her own journey echoing throughout the collective as part of a larger wave shifting the current paradigm of gender relations and calling into question everyone’s discernment regarding who they choose to trust and what parameters must be put into place in order to heal.

She has been supported in collaboration by producers Stacy O’Dell (Killcode, Panzie) and Jeremy Dawson (MXMS, Shiny Toy Guns), and onstage by fellow musicians Nick Mason, Rick Brandt, and Marko Jankovic.