Arden Leigh is an intuitive relationship counselor who facilitates healing for the purpose of creating more love and intimacy.

She began the journey to her role as a professional romantic in New York City by studying sexuality within the fetish and BDSM scene, where she not only held space for her clients’ deepest sexual fantasies as a professional dominant, but also trained others to play from their hearts as the director of training at her house of employ and as a community educator. Following that, her studies led her to the art of seduction, which she practiced and taught as a pickup artist, teaching men within the PUA community as well as subverting the practices of pickup for women to use in service of their own relationship goals, which she penned in her book The New Rules of Attraction. In addition to studying formal pickup, she received her certifications in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Ericksonian hypnosis, and Timeline Therapy before she was fairly certain she had maximized the capacity of her analytical left brain to figure out the solutions to finding love.

At that point she moved to Los Angeles to begin a conscious journey from her mind back into her body, and in service of exploring her intuitive right brain, she began studying clairvoyance, tarot, traditional British witchcraft, chaos magick, reiki, tantra, shamanism, and mediumship. These modalities allowed her to awaken her gifts beyond her abilities of rational explanation, and she learned that she could not analyze her way into happiness. With intuition she became better able to tune in to the energy of a situation and to help her clients honor the guidance their feelings were giving them. Her journey into spirit naturally called her into the exploration of her own core wounds and trauma layers, and she committed wholeheartedly to her path of self-healing, cataloguing her insights along the way, so that she could better guide those who wish to follow the same path. She’s now working on her next book, a companion guide to anyone who wishes to facilitate that healing process for themselves.

Having delved deeply into both the analytical and intuitive sides of healing, she now brings her skill sets together to offer a unique coaching experience that unites energetic intuitive insight with practical, applicable guidance, resulting in what she calls “soul-level detective work.” Her gift in understanding and translating means she can zoom out and piece together large patterns from only thinslices of information and then prescribe actionable steps to improve the situation; her gift of language aids her clients in setting specific intentions that get to the heart of the desires they wish to manifest. She invites herself every day to further open her heart, balance purpose with compassion, and show up in service to heal the relationship of sacred union on the planet Earth.

“The relationship is the cornerstone of society. if you heal relationship, you heal the world.”