A Little Story About How Magick Works

I’m still processing all the amazingness from this past weekend’s Witch Haven Retreat.

For those of you who don’t know, I run a little group called Witch Haven for women/fems who want to learn practical applied magick for their personal empowerment and achievement of their goals (you can click the link above to join), and this past weekend, in a cozy cabin on a frosty mountain in Big Bear, I hosted our second weekend-long retreat for an intimate group of six lovely witches or witches-in-training looking to take their skills to the next level.

On the surface of the curriculum, we learn things like scrying, tarot reading, intention-setting, sigil creation, candle magick, energetic cleansing techniques, hypersigils/narrative magick, meditation practices, astrology, and how to look for signs, communicate with spirit, and foster trust with the universe. But the deeper work is that in intention-setting and spellcasting we bring up for examination what it is we truly want and what the obstacles are that are holding us back. This weekend was a particularly potent container for immediate change.

Here’s one of my favorite excerpts from the weekend, shared with permission from the magickal woman in question:

One of our attendees found on the morning of her trip that her flight had been delayed long past arrival time with no other flight options available. But she realized that if she rented a car and left at the same time as she would have for the airport, she’d get there at about the same time driving as she would have on her flight. So she took a car down instead.

Her intention for our Saturday night spellcasting ritual was to call in a purposeful and fulfilling career that was in alignment with her soul mission.

Meanwhile, due to scheduling issues and possible snow, a few other people coordinated their rides differently, leaving on Sunday evening when the class portion officially wrapped, so it ended up that the woman who rented the car agreed to give a ride to LAX to another attendee Monday morning since they were the last two staying over with me at the cabin Sunday night.

That Sunday night she ended up helping me prepare dinner for the three of us because she works as a professional chef. When the other attendee – a woman to whom business savvy and financial abundance comes extremely naturally – saw her work, she blurted excitedly, “Oh I’m looking to expand my business into the food arena! I want to develop a franchise and subscription box service, but I need someone who’s a chef to help me develop the offerings and navigate the food industry.”

Here’s where it gets even stranger. She continues that their main competition would be a company called Owl.

Owls are this woman’s totem animal.

Immediately spirit was speaking to her telling her she was on the right path.

And since she had already agreed to give her a ride to the airport the following morning – due to her flight being canceled and her having rented a car, and the other ride options departing Sunday night instead – they got to spend the drive back to LA discussing their new collaborative venture.

When you set an intention, magick won’t do all the work for you, but it will drop everything you need right into your lap and will make it extremely clear how to assemble all the parts. Sometimes your intention will be so strong that magick will actually work its way backwards in time so that your flight is canceled and everyone else leaves a night early, which means you end up staying for a dinner that catalyzes a conversation that brings you a new business opportunity and that you also have a car to drive your new potential business partner to her flight where you can discuss turning your shared dreams into reality. And if there was any question in your mind whether this was truly divinely orchestrated, she casually drops the name of your totem animal into conversation while it’s happening.

And this was just ONE of the many stories of transformation that took place this week.

I’m so excited that I not only get to teach women how to work with the timeless tools of divination and manifestation, which would be great in itself, but also to create a container where radical, magickal change can happen in real time – that I’m not only TEACHING them magick, but curating a space where they can EXPERIENCE magick.

Because it’s one thing to sit through a class and listen to how magick works, and another entirely to see it working before your very eyes. I always say that magick is its own best teacher, that nothing will teach you magick better than magick itself.

And I’m so grateful that I get to be the kind of teacher who can facilitate that.

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