Sometimes Jumps To Conclusions Are Stepping Stones To Truth

Sometimes you have to let yourself believe in some really wacky ideas, remembering that you can always rein yourself back in from them later.

Communicating with Spirit isn’t always the most explicable kind of dialogue, although (so far, as per my experience) you always end up in the place you need to be with the information you need to have, eventually, even if that means making several erroneous jumps in logic along the way. Sometimes you have to use that think-outside-the-box brainstorm mindset of considering every possible idea without pre-judging it, no matter how crazy it sounds, in order to actually get to the final, usually completely reasonable, explanation.

I’ll give you an example.

In late 2016 I started getting multiple signs to study aliens. In a guided meditation I had seen on the backs of my eyelids an image of the typical alien face, shaped like the emoji 👽 (or the popular tshirt design of the early 90s). Spirit then punctuated that message when, the next day, I visited a home where the owner had hung up a West African wood carving he said was from a time and location said to have been visited by aliens, which depicted on it figures in two distinctly different humanoid shapes, as if to signify aliens and humans meeting.

I got the message. I reached out to a woman on Facebook who was always writing posts about aliens and I asked her what educational resources she would recommend as a primer. She directed me to the YouTube talks of Laura Eisenhower, a galactic scholar whose understanding of the cosmos – all this talk of Tara, Gaia, Sophia, the collapse of the seventh higher heavens, the discovery of the other 7 mirror chakras, Lemurians, Atlanteans, ascension – far surpassed my ability to keep up in understanding, but whose work I nevertheless couldn’t stop watching.

On the drive down to a group magick vision-boarding session I had been listening to one of her talks about galactic warfare, and then later, during our vision-boarding when I was flipping through magazines I received a visual synchronicity with the Thierry Mugler perfume ad for “Alien” so striking that the entire group gasped at it. It was magick like I couldn’t believe.

At this point, I didn’t rule anything out. I started getting fascinated by the idea that I might be an alien starseed on a mission to Earth, maybe an Andromedan, or at least that’s what my “What Alien Starseed Are You?” quiz results said. I toyed with the idea that I was maybe somehow a key player in an important intergalactic battle and that it was my job to try to remember my true identity so I could complete my mission (which honestly is not so far off from what most of shamanism teaches anyway). I wasn’t convinced of it, but I let myself try on the idea of committing to the belief. I stopped being afraid of going stark raving mad. I didn’t care if I risked losing my way back out of the rabbit hole.

So I looked up Laura’s website and I booked a natal chart reading with her, as a treat to myself. She’d said in her talks that she was an intuitive astrologist who helped her clients find the reason they came to earth. So I figured why not. I was mostly just excited to fangirl over talking to her, if we’re being honest. It was like booking an astral spa visit, birth chart reading as slightly indulgent but responsibly purchased self-care (and it budgeted at about that range, nicely enough).

And then the reading she gave me ended up predicting not only my intense (and publicly documented) trauma healing journey, but the release of my EP as a healing spell and the creation of The Re-Patterning Project as a means of teaching the path. And it all makes sense now looking backwards why I was supposed to be told all of that. (Link to reading in comments.) Because there’s the chance that it clarified my intentions for me, even on an unconscious level, so I could shed any last possible bit of self-doubt about the way forward, and that it made things that much smoother and clearer to manifest, which was exactly the help I had prayed for.

And maybe it really was just that, maybe the whole trail of breadcrumbs just led to that extra little push I had asked for in clarifying my journey towards my best self. Maybe aliens don’t actually exist or maybe the whole idea of multidimensional reality is just a metaphor for different parts of the imagination, although I’m not sure how that’s not almost the same thing, and I’m not especially attached to being right about what I believe happens to us after we die, although I know my own feelings around it and I continue to hope that the universe is always going to be even more wildly miraculous than I’m ever capable of imagining, and I couldn’t imagine a life where I didn’t allow myself the beauty of that possibility, even if it makes me look and sound very strange to people sometimes.

But even if none of it’s real and life beyond Earth is just a non-conscious void, I still had to allow myself to momentarily believe in aliens to get the message I needed.

You feel me?

So this is also why I say: don’t rule anything out. Your leaps to conclusions may be stepping stones to the truth.

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