Captain’s Log, 9.27.18

White men created this problem and it is white men’s responsibility to solve.
I am so tired of men everywhere waiting for women to come forward to make things right. I am tired of the expectation that it is on US to speak up, stand up, share our stories, and relive our trauma in order to fix this extremely broken system.
I am tired of men “standing in solidarity” and believing that that’s enough. I am tired of being expected to give out cookies for doing the bare minimum. Anyone can stand. Can you speak? Can you use your words, your voice?
I don’t want your “yeah! preach!” comments on my posts. I want to see you making posts of your own.
I don’t want to see you thanking me for speaking up on your thread and then calmly bro-ing out with the man who adds a comment slut-shaming me.
I don’t want your likes/loves on my posts. I want you to use your voice of your own accord.
I don’t want you thanking me for doing my part. I want to see you doing yours.
I don’t want you offering me virtual hugs. I want you calling your representatives.
I don’t want you consoling me. I want you speaking to your homeboys.
I don’t care #WhyIDidntReport. We should be past that now. I want to know what you’re doing to get make it safer for me to speak up.
I am TIRED. This is long overdue. We are past the fucking breadcrumbs the Masculine is fearfully dropping our way as we ride into the front lines of the battlefield. I am tired of women doing all the fucking work to undo your mess.
We didn’t create this system. YOU did. Fucking fix it.
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