Captain’s Log, 9.6.18

Today Saturn goes direct.
Saturn has always reminded me of that strict high school teacher that everyone was afraid of. In my high school, she was Sister Christi, junior year English, and I thought she was dope because she didn’t take shit from anyone and everyone was terrified of her. She looked like a more severe, angular Hannah Gadsby; she wasn’t afraid to put anyone in their place and she saw anything less than your best as an insult. When she singled out your work to the class as exemplary (anonymously, of course – she wasn’t about to let you get a big head about it), it really meant something. Her words of praise were sparse, but when you earned them, they were sincere. Naturally I saw her as a challenge to hack – I was going to make her like me.
By the time I graduated, she took me aside, told me I reminded her of her niece, of whom she’d always been very fond, and informed me that she expected tenth row center orchestra tickets when I made it to Broadway.
Two years ago this time when Saturn went direct, I did a ritual to him, and I communicated that I was ready and willing to do the work ahead of me. I made a promise to buckle down and study, and I asked for any help and guidance he might be willing to provide. Ever since then, I have never been unsure of the next step. I mean… most of you guys saw how everything unfolded.
If you were ever able to be a teacher’s pet, this is the energy of working with Saturn. Now is a great opportunity to bring in that apple, turn in your homework early, and get called a kiss-ass by all your classmates.
Doing a devotional and/or petitionary ritual to a god or planet or ascended master is simple, as long as it comes from the heart. A simple internet search will pull up suggestions for the kinds of colors, fragrances, and offerings they like (and even when you get contradictory information from different sources, you can feel out what feels the most right to you), and you can easily find their planetary sigils to carve onto a candle. From there it just takes intention and a moment of silence to communicate with them and listen back to see if they have anything to tell you. Then, the results start happening.
If you’re gonna do it, now’s a good time.
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